We are a best in-field (and out) team of project specialists with anthropology, archaeology and environmental experts.

Scott Chisholm

Scott has a wealth of experience in enterprise development, heritage consulting and project management across Australia, with a strong understanding of state and national heritage legislation and best-practice methodologies.

As CEO, Scott oversees a multidisciplinary team who engage in heritage and environmental approvals, Native Title research, stakeholder consultation and community project facilitation.

Scott also works closely with Aboriginal corporations transitioning to independent management of their cultural, natural and heritage assets, partnering with them to build long term capacity, social enterprises and cultural programs.

Ben Fordyce

Operations Manager
Coming from a professional background of archaeology and senior management, Ben specialises in the delivery of all aspects of cultural heritage services, from initial project negotiation to on-ground delivery, reporting and high-level advice for clients. He also excels in community consultation, having facilitated community meetings for native title purposes, engaged in stakeholder liaison and presented at pivotal regional Aboriginal meetings.

Megan Tehnas

Operations Manager
Meg has a breadth of experience in Aboriginal and historical cultural heritage management practice, including heritage surveys, excavations and cultural resource management plans. In her role as Operations Manager, Meg ensures all projects meet legislative and stakeholder requirements and are completed to the rigorous high standard we strive to maintain. As part of this, she ensures that all our heritage consultants have the training, mentorship and support they require to successfully complete their work.

Jade O'Brien

General Manager
With extensive experience in Australian heritage, Jade is an expert in both historical and Aboriginal archaeology, as well as heritage protocols and stakeholder liaison. She brings her depth of knowledge on project management to her role as general manager, with a detailed understanding of the application of heritage legislation in various states across Australia.

Valerie Prentice

Chief Financial Officer
Valerie’s extensive career in finance and office management has equipped her with the necessary skills for her role at Terra Rosa. As Chief Financial Officer, she handles the financial administration and is pivotal in dealing with all financial operations of the company.

Lucy Chisholm

Principal Anthropologist
Lucy is a knowledgeable anthropologist seamlessly guiding staff in their roles within the company. With a decade of experience in heritage anthropology, community development and business administration, she provides oversight and ethnographic techniques to our heritage consultants. In conjunction to this, she manages the TR Foundation by providing strategic direction and day-to-day management.

Anne Golden

Operations Manager
Anne is an experienced archaeologist with an extensive knowledge of Australian archaeology and history, particularly indigenous and convict history. In her role as Operations Manager, she draws upon her understanding of heritage protocols to oversee our team prepare, lead and report upon Aboriginal heritage surveys and excavations across Australia.

Nell Taylor

Communities Manager
Nell has a wealth of knowledge in Aboriginal cultural heritage management, Native Title services and community development projects. As an anthropologist, she researches and coordinates successful Native Title applications and as Communities Manager, she works in partnership with Aboriginal communities to facilitate successful community arts projects and cultural mapping projects.

Asharlon Morison

Regional Manager
Working as an anthropologist throughout the Northern Territory and Western Australia, Ash has worked with a number of different groups to roll out small and large scale telecommunications projects that provide services to remote communities. She has also contributed to native title and genealogical research and completed ethnographic heritage surveys with a number of Traditional Owner groups across the country.

Daniel Monks

Regional Manager
Daniel’s career has provided him with thorough experience in managing and participating in Aboriginal and historical heritage projects, working in partnerships with Traditional Owners on major archaeological and ethnographic heritage projects across Western Australia. He also assists GIS spatial data production, is a qualified drone pilot and has worked on a number of historical archaeological excavations.

Tiwa Olowoyo

Regional Manager
Tiwa has worked as an anthropologist and community development and program manager for over ten years. He has completed ethnographic heritage surveys throughout Western Australia with various Traditional Owner groups, been involved in native title research and community consultations, and managed teams in the community development sector.

Ariel Lubin

GIS Manager
Ariel has a Master of Geospatial Science and an extensive background in vegetation mapping, spatial data and data analysis. He also has a Master of International Development and has worked with the Red Cross as a Community Support Specialist, meaning he can apply his GIS capabilities across all of Terra Rosa’s services.

Darren Graham

Environmental Manager
Darren has over 25 years of experience across the private and public sectors, specialising in flora and fauna management, conservation, mining and project approvals and legislative compliance. He has also worked with Traditional Owner groups on a range of environmental co-management projects throughout regional Western Australia.

Fran De Almeida

Office Manager - Fremantle
Fran is an exceptional member of our administration team who pays close attention to detail and innovates when working with the team. Her extensive career in events management and marketing has given her the opportunity to branch out to heritage consultancy, where she ensures her work is completed to a professional standard.

Judith Giraldo

Office Manager - Adelaide
With a PhD in Ecology and experience as a consultant both within Australia and overseas, Judith has acquired a wealth of experience in the industry. Judith oversees administration tasks and logistics while also providing technical support for our environmental projects.

Drew Hatswell

Sandalwood Team Lead
Drew’s role is to oversee the harvesting of sandalwood that we do for the FPC. With a diverse background, he manages the day to day in-field operations.

Mathew Oliver

Rangers Coordinator
Mathew has coordinated and supervised natural area restoration projects throughout Western Australia, with an emphasis on safety and quality. He has proven project management skills with extensive experience in delivering high quality environmental management for private and public sectors.

Nerida Haynes

Aboriginal Partnerships Coordinator
Nerida’s career in environmental work has enhanced her knowledge in Aboriginal heritage, contributing to her successful management of a range of projects throughout Western Australia. Her experience in both state and federal government roles throughout Australia has proven invaluable, as she continues to excel in her position as Aboriginal Partnerships Coordinator.

Angus Reynolds

Heritage Consultant
With experience in excavations, site research and overall archaeological method, Angus is hardworking and delivers high quality work. He has experienced many sites throughout Western Australia, and works respectively with the Traditional Owner groups he has surveyed with.

Anna Swenson

Heritage Consultant
Anna is experienced in site research and archaeological method. Her international work experience includes delivering an educational program with an archaeological focus and providing assistance in project planning and cataloguing collections.

Caitlin Cleverly

Project Coordinator
Caitlin is approachable, confident, resilient person, with a strength in critical thinking, empathy and engagement skills. Her high levels of organisation and technical skills such as site interpretation, excavation and artefact recording have seen her take on a role in assisting in the coordination of Terra Rosa’s project delivery.

Carly Sims

Heritage Consultant
Carly is an experienced archaeologist with a strong focus on affective archaeology and the ability of artefacts to elicit powerful emotion. She works on creating a better understanding of how these emotional experiences impact people, and how archaeologists can use these experiences to better engage with the public.

Dajana Lakic

Heritage Consultant
Dajana is experienced in heritage assessment, mapping, land conservation and is knowledgeable on repatriation protocols. She creates great relationships through her expertise in customer relations while working hard to deliver high quality work.

Daniel Shaw

Heritage Consultant
Daniel is a well-rounded archaeologist, with experience in heritage assessment, field work, and artefact analysis within an Australian and International context. With work experience in Turkey, Daniel has gained skills in lab analysis of materials and is versed with skills in photogrammetry and artefact accessioning.

Danika Penson

Environmental Consultant
With a degree in Conservation Biology and Botany, Danika is an experienced environmental consultant passionate about the natural environment and working within it.

David Haynes

Heritage Consultant
David has excellent attention to detail, a strong work ethic, and well-honed communication skills. He has worked on classical, historical and cultural heritage sites across Australia. He has been involved in extensive excavations, report and context sheet writing, drawing and photographing of important areas, and artefact collection, cleaning and labelling.

David English

Heritage Consultant
With a degree in Anthropology and Sociology, David has quality skills in research and critical analysis, with special interests in ethnographic studies and the protection and promotion of heritage conservation. He strives to bring curiosity and optimism to every project he gets involved in.

Eilish Jones

Heritage Consultant
Eilish has a degree in anthropology, sociology and psychology with a focus on cultural awareness and community development. Her involvement in the UWA science union has given her ample experience in grant writing, project management and event coordination.

Declan Gannon

Heritage Consultant
Declan is highly experienced in excavation, artefact analysis, heritage assessment, and GPR operations. With being involved in many site surveys and artefact assessments across Western Australia, he has become very knowledgeable in the values of relationship maintenance between team members and Tradition Owner groups he works with, and the importance of site preservation.

Gus Mann

Heritage Consultant
JGus is an experienced cultural heritage specialist with a background in international aid, cross-cultural project management, community consultation, ethnography, participatory design, advocacy and legislative reform. He has worked with Australian First Nations, remote tribal groups in Papua New Guinea, in Japan, Thailand, Cambodia and continues to work in Myanmar.
He considers it a great privilege to support Traditional Owners - on country - towards reconciliation and best management of culture.

Ibrahim Omeri

Heritage Consultant
Ibrahim has over 30 years of experience in heritage, archaeology and research both in Australia and overseas. He has extensive knowledge about diverse cultures and experience with excavations, site surveys, conservation, and legislation. Ibrahim is also highly skilled in the deliverance of archaeological data and research.

Jade Fordyce

Administration Officer
Jade has a range of experience in administration, from day-to-day communication and organisation through to bookkeeping and event management. She helps the office run smoothly, brings great energy to the team, and assists colleagues with administrative tasks. Her skills in office management assist in the relationships and communications with client liaisons.

James Dolin

Environmental Field Officer
With a background in environmental science and landscaping, James has worked with corporate, private and governmental non-for-profit organisations. He predominantly works with clients from diverse communities to deliver high-quality outcomes, proving him to be goal-driven and determined to succeed.

Jasmine Tearle

Heritage Consultant
With a Masters in Archaeological Science and Art History & Curatorial Studies, Jasmine has a diverse and established knowledge base and extensive work experience in Heritage research and consultancy. She is skilled in archival research and artefact management, with an emphasis on maintaining cultural awareness within research and conversing with Traditional Owner groups.

Jessica Taylor

Heritage and Environmental Consultant
Jessica has experience in cross-cultural ecological and social sciences in a local and international context. Her Environmental Science degree gave her the opportunity to develop key field, data analysis and management skills. In 2021, she worked closely with Nyungar Traditional Owners using Participatory Action Research (PAR) methods on an Australian Research Council-funded project Healing Land, Healing People; Novel Nyungar Perspectives. She has a passion for the PAR approach and Indigenous Biocultural Knowledge, and especially, where these two meet to deliver powerful, novel outcomes for people and Country.

Jonathan McClements

Heritage Consultant
Jonathan is an experienced archaeologist working across Western Australia undertaking both excavations and heritage surveys. He has experience in accessioning and analysing artefacts, report writing and leading heritage teams. Jonathan works hard to create good relationships with his colleagues and strives to maintain integral partnerships with Traditional Owner groups.

Lauren Tomlinson

Heritage Consultant
Lauren is experienced in fieldwork, heritage surveying, analytical research, field team management, and report writing/editing. She has a special interest in folklore and mythology, allowing her to bring unique interpretations to sites and artefacts. Her experience in delivering archaeological education and research presentations has allowed her to confidently provide information to various groups.

Lilia Alpers

Heritage Consultant
Lilia has a keen interest in social justice, conservation, and ecology and how they interconnect. With strong skills in critical thinking and teamwork, she is excellent at solving problems and ensuring project objectives are met. With experience in heritage and anthropological surveying, Lilia has a keen eye for heritage management and site identification.

Maria Hatangimana

Heritage Consultant
With a BA in Anthropology, Sociology, and Screen Arts, Maria is highly skilled in human relations, administrative organisation, and report writing. She brings confidence in her ability to adapt to new environments, proficiency in problem solving, and energy to the team.

Madeline Englezos

Heritage Consultant
Madeline has experience in excavating historic sites, organising paleontological material both in the field and the lab, and recording and analysing historic artefacts. She also has a sound understanding of the heritage legislation, ensuring all work she conducts is safe, responsible, and respectful of Traditional Owners.

Michael McElligott

Heritage Consultant
Michael is an experienced archaeologist with over 15 years’ experience in excavating archaeological sites with watching briefs and trial trench evaluations, and the recording and analysis of historic artefacts. Michael’s extensive career in archaeology has exposed him to supervise small and large groups during surveys and assistance in geophysical surveys. He has worked predominantly in Ireland and UK with great exposure of Australian archaeology and works.

Mitch Aspinall

GIS Officer
Majoring in Human Geography and Planning along with Geographical Science during his Bachelor of Arts and Science degrees, Mitch is an asset to the team in his role of GIS Officer. Mitchell uses his specialisation to apply to his GIS and cultural mapping role.

Natalie Guetlich

Heritage Consultant
Natalie is an experienced archaeologist working across Western Australia undertaking both excavations and heritage surveys. She has experience in research, report writing and leading heritage teams. She is particularly interested in historical and cross-cultural archaeology, and in uncovering the unwritten histories of the subaltern, marginalised, underrepresented groups in colonial societies.

Olivia Smith

Heritage Consultant
Olivia is a dedicated team member with experience undertaking cultural heritage surveys. She has a high attention to detail, great organisational skills and the ability to work effectively in fast-paced environments. Her experience in site recording and heritage assessment has made her proficient in report writing and research abilities.

Ryan Crough-Heaton

Heritage Consultant
Ryan has extensive knowledge in his area gained through work experience along with his multiple degrees including a Bachelor of Arts (Archaeology Extended Major), Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) which he finished in June 2021. He has a keen interest in the cultural values and physical characteristics of ochres and rock art to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Sean Liddelow

Heritage Consultant
Sean is a dedicated team member with experience working across Western Australia in both excavations and cultural heritage surveys. With a background in historical archaeological investigations, he has strong research skills, experience in excavation and strong leadership skills.

Stephanie Fityan

Office Administrator
Stephanie uses the skills gained from her legal background to undertake report editing, analysis of the heritage survey process and to assist the rest of the Terra Rosa team to meet their project requirements and feel supported in the process.

Stewart Wallace

Heritage Consultant
Stewart is skilled in the operation of GPS and mapping programs, with experience in excavation, accessioning, and heritage survey. With a degree in archaeology, he has broadened his knowledge in site preservation and methods of data collection in both metropolitan and regional settings.

Suzan Robeh

With a diverse background in heritage consulting, from architectural drafting to heritage engineering, Suzan has a detailed knowledge of the heritage industry both nationally and internationally. She is highly skilled in the interpretation and detailed characterising of sites and artefacts through her illustrations.

Tim Reid

Heritage Consultant
Tim has extensive fieldwork experience throughout Australia, with an in-depth understanding of Aboriginal archaeology. Proficient in working with Traditional Owner groups, Tim is a great addition to the team in his role as Heritage Consultant.

Wara Molina Sandoval

Heritage Consultant
Wara is a graduate anthropologist with an interest in cultural diversity and applying the theory he had gained during his studies to practical applications. He uses the skills gained from his background in community services, early education and customer service to undertake fieldwork and research.

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