Heritage Approvals

Terra Rosa Consulting’s in-house team includes highly skilled anthropologists, archaeologists, spatial data specialists and heritage consultants to provide professional heritage approval advice you can trust. Our combined multi-disciplinary team’s extensive national and international experience ensures all stakeholders, including Traditional Owners, corporate clients, and industry bodies, are represented to the highest degree, and all outputs comply with all relevant legislation.

We can deliver a range of heritage surveys and reports including:

  • Work area and work program clearance surveys
  • Site avoidance surveys
  • Section 18 site Identification surveys
  • Section 16 excavations
  • Archaeological and cultural salvage
  • Historical archaeological work

We analyse, record, and interpret both Aboriginal and historic sites using a combination of innovative tools and expertise. Critically, at any stage, the Traditional Owners are supported in making recommendations for the documentation and management of their cultural heritage.

Our commitment to innovation and collaboration, along with a solid understanding of our stakeholders’ cultural heritage needs and goals, make us the first choice for heritage management services.


With the best in - field project specialists, Terra Rosa offers a range of professional services.