Mapping & GIS

As a company that prides itself on innovation and adaptability, we aim to continually be at the forefront of the latest technology and systems to provide the highest quality insights and information for our partners. This means stories of Country can live on through recording and documentation.

Our suite of Mapping and Geospatial technologies allows us to record and access commercial, cultural, and environmental information in new and productive ways. We offer a wide range of preservation, mapping and interpretation services which are fundamental to the long-term sustainable management of cultural heritage sites.

From 3D data modelling and spatial recording to data management, and virtual tours, we are always searching for productive ways to record and assess information, so our clients get the best out of their spatial data. As we like to say, ‘a more betterer’ approach to mapping.


Collecting spatial information is a valuable exercise, but how that information is recorded is equally as important. We can implement systems that effectively capture and manage data, allowing you to achieve better outcomes.


We offer cutting edge digital capture solutions as part of our suite of preservation and heritage management service offerings. Using a combination of advanced terrestrial laser scanning equipment, commercial grade Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’s and industry-leading software, we can create highly accurate (sub millimetre) 3D models for web visualisations, high resolution orthomosaics of heritage places, and interactive cultural maps embedded with multimedia for the optimal combination of accurate data capture and accessibility for the end user.


Photography has long been used as a tool to record places visually and is useful for documenting important features of a location but may miss the broader context. Our virtual tours provide one or more 360° interactive views that accurately convey the sense of a place. Tours are then further enhanced with embedded images, video, sound, and documents for a truly interactive experience.


With the best in - field project specialists, Terra Rosa offers a range of professional services.