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Terra Rosa is committed to Sustainability and based on OUR APPROACH values have released our “Sustainability Statement” which sets out the vision for our Environmental, Social and Governance goals.

We have long recognised the holistic connection that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have between Country, and their physical and spiritual health and well-being. As a business, we felt that it was important for us to contribute to reducing impacts on the environment, and to create positive social value where possible.

By focussing on our six core Sustainability Outcome Areas, we are committed to reducing our Carbon Footprint, supporting our staff, providing leadership, and working collaboratively with our partners, stakeholders and communities to support Healthy Country, Reconciliation and cultural heritage outcomes.

We will continue to implement our Sustainability Action Plans and report on our ongoing performance and achievements.

Sustainability Statement: Terra Rosa recognises that to support Traditional Owners in maintaining Country we need to reduce our impacts on the environment, support our staff and the broader community, and commit to being a Sustainable business.



Carbon Neutral: Reducing and offsetting our Carbon Footprint emissions, working towards a Net Zero future.

Healthy Country: Working with local communities, to protect and manage the natural environment and cultural landscapes.



Reconciliation: Guaranteeing long-term outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through meaningful cultural, environmental and social commitments.

Wellbeing: Supporting staff and local community wellbeing, through providing a healthy workplace and positive contributions.



Leadership: Leading by example to facilitate change within the business, our industry and the wider community.


Collaboration: Working collaboratively with our partners and stakeholders to achieve shared positive outcomes.

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