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The Terra Rosa approach is founded on the principles of co-management and capacity building. Our focus is on collaborating with community and industry with integrity to protect and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, build organisational capacity, support thriving enterprises and sustainably manage land. We believe in building genuine partnerships with stakeholders to achieve community aspirations and meet industry needs.

With this passion for collaborative, long-term, meaningful relationships with our customers at our core, we offer an innovative suite of services outside the realm of the usual consultancy firm so we can honour the varying needs of these relationships. Understanding that heritage work is extremely multi-faceted, we aim to set out with sustainable long term solutions in mind, that take a holistic and adaptable approach.



We believe the best work is done in partnership, with our stakeholders, and each other. Together we stand by what we do, we are proud of our achievements, and the effort that goes into creating them. In field and at home we collaborate to achieve the optimal outcome for all parties involved.


We pride ourselves on our integrity and believe trust is the foundation for successful engagement. This approach informs every step of our projects, from planning to delivery, ensuring the best result for our stakeholders.


Or as we like to say ‘more betterer’. As a force for change and innovation in our industry, we aim for the integrity of our work, the passion it sparks in our team, and the excitement it brings to our clients to be world renowned.


We see change for its opportunities, not its hurdles, and embrace it within our operating environment to ensure we meet and exceed the needs of our clients. Our team consistently seeks to provide the most innovative and responsive approaches to any project challenge in order to achieve the best result for our clients.


Safety is extremely important in the work that we do. Physical safety as well as cultural safety are key parts of our project planning and maintenance. It is the number one priority for Terra Rosa that all persons involved in a project are adequately equipped for the job, making our safety a priority at all stages of the project.

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