Rock Cakes for a Cause

Our Fundraising…

Most of the staff at Terra Rosa CRM like to bake!

Or alternatively… like to eat.

More of the latter usually.

However, fortunately food isn’t the only thing that Terra Rosians are passionate about.

The Terra Rosa team strive to help and support others within our wider community and network. We are dedicated to fundraising and contributing wherever we can.

Our recent Community Open Day for the WA Heritage Festival provided the perfect opportunity for us to promote and fundraise for an important cause.

Our Terra Rosa baking fanatics decided to pull out some classic recipes to fundraise for the ‘Goldfields Aboriginal Arts Trail’.

The baking and fundraising were a great success. With a contribution from Terra Rosa CRM the bake sale managed to raise $700 for the project! Our bake sale was so extravagant it managed to last the whole event and carried on into the next week at work… our stomachs haven’t thanked us.


A Snap Shot of the Project…

There is only 12 days left to help the ‘Goldfields Aboriginal Arts Trail’ reach their target!

The ‘Goldfields Aboriginal Arts Trail’ is pledging through the crowd funding website ‘Pozible’ to reach their target. An overview of the project from the Pozible campaign can be found below:

Aboriginal artists of the Goldfields region in Western Australia are working towards using art as a way to develop self employment and an income. In order to achieve this, a market is needed for the work. A number of small towns have developed or are in the process of developing community art galleries in order to showcase work to the community and to tourists passing through. The artists live in the towns of Leonora, Kalgoorlie, Laverton, Menzies, Wiluna and Sandstone and surrounding Aboriginal communities. Employment in these towns is very low. In some towns, only 5% of the Aboriginal population have secure employment. The development of an income through sales of art work will have a major impact on many Aboriginal families, not only financially but in terms of confidence, self esteem and self determination.

The art galleries operate independently and often with volunteers. Funds for marketing and promotion do not exist.

However, the Goldfields region has a large number of visitors and tourists, many of whom are seeking Aboriginal art. These people don’t know where to find the work and the galleries.

This project aims to develop a ‘Goldfields Aboriginal Arts Trail’ which will consist of a brochure, an arts trail website and signage which will direct the tourist flow to the galleries.

This arts trail will enable tourists and visitors to plan their visit by following the trail from town to town and be immersed in Aboriginal art and positive experiences with the artists.

To read more about this fantastic project or to donate please visit:

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