The Badimia arts, sites and language project is a great success!

The TR Foundation’s first project was proudly delivered in Mount Magnet last week during NAIDOC week. Following past successful events in Mount Magnet, not-for-profit organisation, the TR Foundation, partnered with Badimia Land Aboriginal Corporation (BLAC) to deliver a project celebrating Badimia language and culture.  The resulting project: ‘Arts, sites and language of Kirkalocka’ received a [...]

The TR Foundation receives its first round of funding

The recently established TR Foundation has received its very first funding which will be used to support the Badimia people in their cultural sustainability goals. The funding from the Department of Cultural and the Arts (WA) will see us continue to work closely with the community to conduct arts workshops and record oral histories of Kirkalocka Station, […]

Arts workshops and NAIDOC week out on Badimia Country

It’s always a privilege to be invited onto Badimia country to help facilitate community driven projects. This time it was particularly special because the second phase of the ‘Arts of the Granites’ project was timed to correspond with Badimia’s NAIDOC week celebrations! Funded through the Department of Culture and Arts’ Aboriginal Arts – 2015 funding [...]

Art returns to the Badimia Granites

Bundiyarra linguists James, Rosie and Nadine with Ollie George There’s something a bit surreal about the Granites. Where some of the boulders that scatter the site look like they could roll away like marbles at any minute, others sit firmly like Colossi, keeping watch over the sandy landscape. But it’s when the sky goes dusky, […]

Painting by Amy French

Presentation at Webinar on Ecohealth

Terra Rosa participates in an International Webinar on Ecohealth and explores the question: How will the remote community closures in WA impact Aboriginal wellbeing? This question was one of the key themes of an international webinar on ecohealth that Terra Rosa was invited to participate in on 5 May 2015. Hosted by Neville Ellis from […]

Basket Weaving at the Irrungadji Community

Terra Rosa CRM feels very privileged to launch our next unique community project! The Nullagine Development Project, in partnership with the Irrungadji Aboriginal Community, Budadee Foundation and the Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation (who manage the Remote Jobs Communities Program (RJCP) for Irrungadji) commenced its first stage of the project during a Basket Weaving Workshop last week! [...]
Renowned artist Amy French with another masterpiece

Return to Country Exhibition

Excited is an understatement to describe how the Irrungadji community members were to exhibit their art at the Return to Country exhibition facilitated by Terra Rosa CRM in early July.  Since going out on country to start the project in May, they had now completed even more artwork and were keen to exhibit these. It [...]