Staff Training at Terra Rosa

Here at Terra Rosa, ensuring our staff develop and maintain their skills is vital and a key value for our team. At the start of this year, we ran a ‘welcome to 2022’ training session where all staff were taken through protocol and procedures, company expectations, skill refreshers, new year goals and more. 

This year’s training saw a last minute spanner in the works with COVID-19 restrictions rapidly increasing, halting any big team getaways and forcing us to run this training partially online and partially as small in-person teams. While unfortunate, this change did not dampen the Terra Rosa team’s spirit, with everyone still able to engage and participate. 

The main focus for this start of year training was to establish operational requirements, provide a methodological refresh, enable the senior consultants to share knowledge with the entire team, and, of course, reiterate our company values.  

Dajan Lakic (Heritage Consultant) shared her thoughts on this training session,“it was fantastic and provided me with a broad overview of all the considerations I needed to be aware of prior to venturing into the field.” 

“The staff and training facilitators have a wealth of knowledge that is easily accessible and that makes this process smooth and enjoyable. I’m thoroughly enjoying the multi-disciplinary learning and look forward to gaining more knowledge of the practicalities of fieldwork as a heritage consultant.” 

As a company with a multidisciplinary team who have various depths in knowledge and experiences, our training requirements need to match this diversity and be dynamic enough to suit each individual’s requirements and preferences. Our Principal Archaeologist, Megan Tehnas perfectly encapsulated this diversity by saying “the work we do and the approach we take requires people who are creative, reflective, and deeply passionate about improving heritage outcomes – not just for our stakeholders, but for the heritage industry in general”. 

“I’m excited to be spending time with our team this year, supporting them in their professional growth and exploring the fresh approaches that 2022 will invite.” 

Moving forward in 2022, we will continue to engage our staff in these training sessions as we move towards our goals to:  

  • Provide our team with formalised opportunities for extended cultural learning through regular Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural awareness training sessions. This goal also aligns with the actions in our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (September 2021-2022);  
  • Develop individualised training plans for our staff to identify areas for professional growth;  
  • Technical training in areas that will enable our teams to deliver more nuanced research and mitigation strategies
  • Cross-disciplinary training for our consultants so that they can confidently support each other;
  • continue delivery of the Certificate III in Aboriginal Sites Work, and upskill our team members as certified trainers.  
  • Discover varied and exciting ways to deliver training online / remotely.   

The Terra Rosa team is equally as passionate about the work they do as to the training they receive with one of our internal values to be “more betterer”. This is a tongue-in-cheek way to recognise the motivation our team has for improving the work we do and the industry we work within. 

As we come out of COVID-19 restrictions and see our TR team return to more in-office and on-field work, we are busily planning the next training day as we continually endeavour to up-skill our staff and grow our company abilities.

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