Darren - Environmental Manager

Coffee break with the TR Environmental Manager

Darren - Environmental Manager

We took some time to speak to our new Environmental Manager Darren Graham and learn about his background environmental work, his role at TR and his thoughts on the future of land management.

1. What are you hoping to bring to the Terra Rosa Consulting team?

I bring with me a diverse background with experiences and knowledge in environmental management and over 25 years of experience working for government, the mining industry and consulting sector.

2. What projects from your past experience are you most proud of being part of?

I loved working on the CARRS Program (Comprehensive, Adequate and Representative Reserve System) – which was acquiring and creating new conservation estates from old pastoral leases throughout the Murchison/ Gascoyne and northern Goldfields. Some of these areas are now significant fauna recovery centres for endangered species. I’m proud of the significant wildlife species protection and recovery programs I’ve been involved in, such as Northern Quoll, Black Cockatoos, Numbats and Mallee Fowl.

  1. What initiatives have you been involved in at Terra Rosa Consulting so far?

Over the last few months I have been developing a number of programs to assist Traditional Owner groups in undertaking land management and cultural protection initiatives. I have worked on environmental management plans for the Budadee Foundation to undertake environmental management programs for the Woodstock Abydos Protected Reserves, with potential future plans for a Ranger Program. Also, for the Jidi Jidi Corporation to develop land and cultural management programs across their Native Title area.

  1. Through what opportunities do you see Terra Rosa Consulting contributing to land management in Australia?

I believe Terra Rosa can provide a critical link in facilitating Indigenous engagement in land management activities in the Australian environment. Traditional Owners have knowledge of past and current distribution of flora and fauna populations, they understand the balance between native species and arid environments. There has been increasing interest from Traditional Owners in protecting native species, and in doing so, conserving country, as they have observed the decline of many species in recent years.

  1. What lead you to working at Terra Rosa Consulting? How would you sum up the company for prospective clients who may be interested in engaging with Terra Rosa?

I was looking for an opportunity to work in an industry that was environmentally diverse, and not totally focussed on one particular mining sector. I was attracted to Terra Rosa because of this, and the fact that it is a progressive, modern company, with a refreshing outlook on delivering realistic outcomes and presenting new directions in community and environmental engagement.