Happy Birthday Terra Rosa Consulting!!!

Today marks five years of trading as a company, and things are still rattling along at a hectic pace. It has been an extremely challenging time for anyone in or related to the mining services sector, and we have collectively here at TR had to adapt a lot to the new normal, while dealing with continued uncertainty within the heritage frameworks that are still the core of our activities.

On the whole though, I am very excited to say that the news is definitely great, and if anything I believe we have adapted to this new environment by refining and value adding our services. We set up the company to offer a pathway to better outcomes through engaging in heritage, native title issues, and community issues, and to date we have definitely delivered on this goal, more so than I initially envisaged.

Looking forward, we would like to announce some new and super exciting things that are on the horizon, such as our partnerships with Coongan River Resources and Jilpanti that will be designed around a Joint Venture offering heritage and environmental consulting in target areas of the Pilbara. Through these, we hope to set a new standard for engagement within the heritage and environmental services sphere, and we will definitely be keeping people updated on the progress of these exciting initiatives.

Personally, I am super excited about our MOA signed off this week with the Great Southern Institute that will enable us through to deliver formalised training in recording of Aboriginal Heritage Sites through a Certificate III in Aboriginal Sites Works and Certificate III in Indigenous Land Management. We are hoping to offer real employment pathways with TR for Traditional Owners through building on some of our existing programs, like our internships that we offer through the University of Notre Dame.

Additionally, though resources have been a bit harder to allocate for all and sundry, it is still possible to pull together some awesome projects such as the recent events around Nullagine, we would like to thank all of the partners that made the recent activities out at Nullagine happen including Desert Feet Tour, CANWA, Palyku Hospitality Services, Fortescue Metals Group, Budadee Foundation and the whole town of Nullagine who came together to help deliver a successful project!

Elsewhere on the community front the Budadee Foundation will be getting some legs under it again into the fourth quarter of this year with some on country activities planned for the Woodstock Abydos Reserve, and we will be pulling together the framework for a Caring for Country proposal for the Collier Range National Park with the JJAC crew in alliance with DPAW and others.

Also, next month will mark the start of our first entry into the east coast of Australia, working with the Gladstone Healthy Harbours Partnership (more to follow), with a formal office to be established in Melbourne later in the month.
So, a big thank you to all of our clients, supporters and partners who have made this such an enjoyable adventure, we look forward to more of the same

So, if you aren’t already, as a nod to our first (albeit unofficial) slogan:

Get on Board for the BIG WIN!!!