Irrungadji Mural Project

Sunday 12 July

The Irrungadji ladies were very proud to finish their mural today and it’s a stunner! 15 women painting, 17 kids running around, and 6 onlookers. It’s been quite the party down at 3 Mile!

The women are so proud of their painting which tells the story of the Seven sisters travelling around the waterholes of Nullagine. Amy, Lilly, Phyllis, Gloria and Talisha did the song and dance to accompany the painting today and Desert Feet were out there with us to film it. Such a great weekend filled with chaos and colour!

Friday 10 July

It was the first day of the Irrungadji mural project today and after a slow start we got everyone together and headed out to three mile to a spot on the river. The women organised themselves into teachers and learners and then started discussing what to paint for the mural. It was decided that it should be a painting of the Seven Sisters who stopped in Nullagine, and their journey onwards. Phyllis taught us some Warmun language for the “jila” (snake), “karu” (creek) and “jurdu” (sister). There was great enthusiasm, singing and collaboration between the ladies. the senior artists showed the younger women how to depict parts of the story, and everyone is very excited to head out tomorrow. We had a brief discussion about this project in light of it being funded by a mental health grant, and the women said how nice it was to get away from the community and it’s problems, and do something on country together.

This project was kindly sponsored by Catercare, Palyku Hospitality Services and: