The Granites – an ongoing interpretation of the past…

Just recently, Terra Rosa consultants Zsuzsa Gonda and Meg Tehnas accompanied the Badimia Traditional Owners on a Lotterywest funded project to conduct an assessment of the Granites to produce a Cultural Heritage Interpretation Plan (CHIP) to support and inspire the ongoing management of the area. The Granites, which lie about 9 km north of Mount Magnet, are extremely culturally significant to the Badimia People and have been used for tens of thousands of years as a place for coming together, celebrating culture, painting and seasonal gatherings.

The development of a CHIP was thought up by Badimia Traditional Owners and developed by the Badimia Land Aboriginal Corporation (BLAC) and Terra Rosa Consulting because of ongoing management issues at the Granites and a real lack of public knowledge about the meaning of the site to Badimia people. Traditional Owners were involved in all aspects of project development, including the initial funding application, fieldwork and the production of the final document.

Fieldwork was particularly exciting, involving influential Badimia elders discussing stories and meaning of the Granites that had not been heard in years. They spoke of the long history of the Mid West region and the role that Badimia People played in its development.

The CHIP was produced through a community-based approach, ensuring the ongoing preservation of Badimia heritage. Terra Rosa is working in partnership with BLAC to gain funding opportunities to put into action management considerations outlined in the CHIP and to establish community projects that will benefit the Badimia People. Among other things, the CHIP will pave the way for a tourist trail around the granites and interpretative signage that educates and inspires visitors about the cultural significance of the area. Terra Rosa is very proud to have been involved in this project, and to have contributed to the sustainable cultural development of this stunning location.