JJAC Caring for Country

Terra Rosa is pleased to announce a successful Indigenous Land Corporation funding application, submitted on behalf of the Jidi Jidi Aboriginal Corporation (JJAC), to develop a Caring for Country Plan. This covers areas of unallocated crown land within the Nharnuwangga Wajarri and Ngarlawangga (NWN) native title determination, including the Collier Range National Park. Located in the upper Murchison and Gascoyne region the park is a refuge for various endangered fauna species, such as the mulgara, bilby and pebble mound mouse.

The Caring for Country Plan will enable JJAC to manage cultural values and undertake environmental management activities with the potential of a future ranger program. The plan will also support future negotiations with the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) to enter into a joint management agreement for the national park. Additionally it provides an opportunity for the NWN community to establish partnerships with other stakeholders. This is a great win for a severely underfunded area, and we are very proud to be a partner organisation.