recent achievements at Terra Rosa

The last few months at Terra Rosa has seen a few notable wins for the business that we would like to share with you. Despite the challenges that has ensued this year with multiple industry changes, our team continues to work with a strong focus on co-management and capacity building for a sustainable and equitable future.


In September 2023 a grant was awarded to Budadee Aboriginal Corporation to conduct research on bilbies in the Woodstock Abydos Protected Reserve. This research will be achieved through collaborative works between Budadee Aboriginal Corporation, Terra Rosa, the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

Teams will undertake fauna monitoring and surveys to assess the environmental and cultural health of the bilby populations. The project was announced in a recent release by

In October 2023 Terra Rosa, the City of Rockingham and Element Advisory received a commendation at the Western Australian Heritage Awards for the Rockingham archaeological dig project.

Peelhurst ruins are the remnants of a stone cottage built by Thomas Peel Junior in the early 1860s. In the 1960s a residential subdivision called Golden Bay was developed, which now surrounds the ruins. In 2008, the City of Rockingham purchased the ruins and immediately protected them through inclusion on the Local Heritage List. In May 2023, a collaboration saw the City of Rockingham, heritage consultant Element Advisory and Terra Rosa deliver a three-day public archaeological dig to investigate the ruins. The dig ignited great interest around the ruins, which remain a subject of curiosity.

In October 2023 Terra Rosa was listed as a finalist in the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce Business Awards, in the category of Business & Service Industries.

The Terra Rosa team had a blast at the Fremantle Business Awards ceremony. The Chamber of Commerce put on a wonderful night, making us feel very proud to be surrounded by such talented, creative and hard working locals! #sofreo

We’re very proud of our 2023 achievements and excited to see what 2024 will bring!

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