Terra Rosa is Carbon Neutral!

After the last year of measuring, reducing and offsetting our Carbon Emissions, we are officially a certified Climate Clever Carbon Neutral Business, for 2023.

See our latest 2023 Climate Clever Carbon Footprint Report, where we are a Climate Clever Carbon Neutral business!!!!

In March this year we purchased 215 Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offsets to fully offset our 2023 annual emissions of 213 CO2e tonnes, which included our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emission streams.

These offsets are derived from selective revegetation and planting in an Australian global biodiversity hotspot, located in the northern wheatbelt area of WA, and have environmental and social benefits including:

  •  Helping to create a major wildlife corridor and habitat for local and endangered fauna and revegetation of ecosystems and conservation flora species.
  •  Casual employment for local indigenous people.

We are excited to share this achievement and our long-term commitment to being Carbon Neutral and improving biodiversity and local community outcomes through investing in nature-based offsets.

Why are we doing this?

We have long recognised the holistic connection that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have between Country, and their physical and spiritual health and well-being. As a business, we felt that it was important for us to contribute to reducing impacts on the environment and implementing other sustainability practices, especially around Climate Change.

As part of Terra Rosa’s sustainability journey, we committed to becoming Carbon Neutral by 2025, through measuring and reducing our Carbon emissions, and offsetting those emissions.

We have achieved this target early and are committed to continuing to be Carbon Neutral and Positive, towards Net Zero by 2050.

Putting our Plans into Practice

We have implemented several initiatives including building and office energy efficiency and better travel management to reduce our Carbon Footprint.

We have future initiatives in the works including installing solar panels, so please follow us on our sustainability journey, which you can start by downloading our Climate Clever Carbon Footprint Report here..

Download more information on Terra Rosas' sustainability below

Climate clever report

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