Celebrating Indigenous Literacy Day!

Today is Indigenous Literacy Day and we urge you to support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation in their attempt to raise funds to support the delivery of much-needed resources to remote communities. You can do so through their website, or head down to New Edition Books in Fremantle, and Crow Books in Victoria Park where booksellers have been helping raise funds in collaboration with the Budadee Foundation and Terra Rosa.

There will be a huge event on at the Sydney Opera House today, with Jessica Mauboy, Justine Clark, Deborah Cheetham, William Barton, Natalie Ahmat, Alison Lester and Ursula Yovich talking and singing. Students from Milikapiti on Melville Island will also be reading from their book called No Way Yirrikipayi! This was written in workshops delivered by Alison Lester and made possible through the fundraising across Australia.

We want to support such great activities and hope to deliver a similar project with the Budadee Foundation called the Pilbara Storylines. The Indigenous Literacy Foundation has supported us in seeking funds to deliver this collaborative literacy and arts project across three schools in Nullagine, Yandeyarra and Marble Bar. We are hoping to deliver donated books and help deliver this exciting project to the communities, schools and children we have the privilege of working with!