Ganthalha Online Cultural Awareness

Cultural awareness training is designed to increase awareness of cultural differences, facilitate a greater understanding of others and enable better professional relationships in a cross cultural environment.  Since September 2013, Terra Rosa Consulting has helped the Thalanyji owned company Ganthalha Enterprises to deliver online cultural awareness training to over 8,000 individuals.

Ganthalha Enterprises is contracted to deliver cultural awareness training to employees and subcontractors for a major oil and gas project based outside of Onslow, WA.  The project has a high volume of training candidates and traditional classroom based approaches to training was causing a bottleneck.

Ganthalha approached Terra Rosa in early 2013 for assistance to deliver the training for non-management candidates online in order to mitigate this bottleneck. At the time this was a new area for Terra Rosa, but one where we felt we could assist Ganthalha to fulfil their requirements to their clients without having to invest in expensive hardware and software, or IT staff.

Working with the training materials already developed by Ganthalha, Terra Rosa assisted in modifying the material to suit an interactive training solution and implemented and online platform to deliver the training. The online cultural awareness training portal started operating in September 2013 with Terra Rosa hosting, maintaining and administering the training portal, and providing user support.

Ganthalha Online Training Portal

The training portal is still servicing the project to date, with on average approximately 400 candidates completing the training every month. It has been a great experience being able to assist Ganthalha to deliver their excellent training material, and contribute to better understanding between contractors and the Thalanyji Traditional Owners.