Terra Rosa Cooks for a Cause

Although the Terra Rosa Cultural Resource Management team may seem to have lost their blogging spirit lately, in reality the Terra Rosa CRM world has been booming with many activities and ventures being conjured up in our heritage pot.

Amidst everyday work Terra Rosa CRM and staff always endeavour to get actively involved and support local and regional community projects. When an opportunity arose for Terra Rosa CRM to raise some funds for the Burringurrah Community Kitchen and their cooking aspirations there was an overriding consensus that this chance couldn’t be missed.

The Burringurrah Community Kitchen runs from the Burringurrah Remote Community Women’s Centre, located in the Gascoyne Region of Western Australia.  Rebecca Milly Milly has been voluntarily running the Burringurrah Community Kitchen for almost a year and has been successful in providing breakfast and lunch for over 40 school students, and lunch for the community’s Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) workers. Additionally Rebecca cooks for her ‘meals without wheels’ program for the elderly members of the community.

Terra Rosa CRM staff noticed the Burringurrah Community Kitchen campaign online and decided to fundraise to help Rebecca raise the money to provide better cooking facilities to run cooking classes and provide healthy meals to the community. Terra Rosa CRM staff raised money through a bake sale and an Italian inspired lunch for all staff. These events raised a total of $415 from Terra Rosa CRM staff, which was then matched by Terra Rosa CRM to equal a combined donation of $830 for the Burringurrah Community Kitchen. You can view photos of these activities through the Terra Rosa CRM Facebook page; http://www.facebook.com/TerraRosaCRM.

Overall the Burringurrah Community Kitchen campaign was a real success, raising a total of $2615, far exceeding their aim of a $500 target. Their funds will go towards a deep freezer, second hand fridge and a set of knives for the kitchen to continue their cooking activities. Additional funding will go towards a well-deserved “mocktail” celebration at the Women’s Centre and a new satellite internet/ phone connection for 6 months.

Jade Stott, Transactional Officer – Burringurrah, explains the importance of the internet and phone connection, and the plan for the future of the Burringurrah Women’s Centre.

The internet/phone connection will provide vital community services at the Women’s Centre, as there is a pay phone in the community but nowhere to purchase phone cards or get cash to use the phone. Our plan is capped, and we have paid for the first 6 months of use to be installed on the 31st May. Customers will pay $2 per half hour, unlimited usage and over that 6 months we have estimated to earn $5600 which will continue to fund another 6 months plan as well as ingredients and supplies.

We are basing the Women’s Centre on the economical sense of having a one-stop shop for vital community services (including food preparation, laundry, internet and phone) that is community owned and driven, and not dependent on grant funding or dictated by external service providers.

At Terra Rosa CRM we are thrilled to contribute to the fantastic program at the Burringurrah Community Kitchen and help support the future of the project. Rebecca Milly Milly states that her long term vision is to have frozen meals available for purchase, and to offer courses in Bush-food cooking for visitors to the community, tourists, and families living in town centres who return to country for visits.

Terra Rosa CRM is looking forward to hearing about exciting future developments at the Burringurrah Community Kitchen.

For further information view the Burringurrah Community Kitchen video campaign found in the links below:


If you’d like to contribute to the Burringurrah Community Kitchen please contact:

Jade Stott, Transactional Officer – Burringurrah or;
Rebecca Milly Milly, Women’s Centre Coordinator
EMAIL:  [email protected]

In more recent news last week the Burringurrah community hosted their annual Fire Festival filled with world class performers and an array of bush tucker. Photographer Anton Blume took some of the amazing photographs below. 

Community members at the Fire Festival. Photo Anton Blume.Fire twirling at the Fire Festival. Photo Anton Blume.Fire turtle at the Fire Festival. Photo Anton Blume.