Reconciliation Week

It’s that time again. Every year National Reconciliation Week is celebrated across Australia between 27 May and 3 June. These dates are significant as they mark the anniversaries of two of the most iconic, watershed moments in Australian history – the 1967 Referendum and the High Court Mabo decision. The theme for this year is ‘Let’s Talk Recognition’ and it’s about recognising important contributions Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their culture have made to the Australian Nation.

The Aboriginal cultures of Australia have the longest continuous cultural history in the world. As passionate Archaeolgists and Anthropologists we spend most of our time working with Aboriginal people in remote areas surveying and recording this rich cultural legacy. At Terra Rosa CRM we are privileged to work with Aboriginal communities on their cultural heritage. We believe that ‘Talking Recognition’ is not just about recognising the contribution Aboriginal people have made, but also means working together to protect and manage Australia’s unique cultural heritage for future generations. So for us, this year’s reconciliation theme is about honouring and recognising the amazing Aboriginal people we work with and the unique stories, sacred places and Countries they belong to.

So to all the communities we work with we say thank you. Working with you and learning about your people, is a privilege we are lucky to enjoy.

More information on Reconciliation Week can be found on the official website. For a glimpse of contemporary contributions Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are continuing to make to Australian culture check out the Deadly Awards.