The Preamble Blog Post

Everything begins somewhere. Terra Rosa Cultural Resource Management began in July 2010, and our foray into corporate blogging and actively engaging via social media begins here.

Over the last two years Terra Rosa CRM has been fastidiously working away, establishing itself and building a great team of passionate and enthusiastic professionals. As with any start-up company we’ve had ups and downs along the way, and learnt a lot getting to where we are now.

One of the things we’ve learnt is that communication is important. As a consultancy our core communication is mostly in the form of professional advice and project focused consultation. So via this blog and social media we will be taking the opportunity to communicate on a more personal level, sharing our insights and ideas with clients, stakeholders, the archaeological and anthropological communities, and anyone else who is interested.

The blog will be primarily focus on insights into the cultural resource management profession; what we’re doing, how we approach our work, and the things we think are important.

This isn’t an academic exercise, but we are hoping some of our posts will get people engaged in dialogue about cultural resource management and the heritage industry. Dialogue is good and we would encourage people to get thinking, talking and sharing via the social media buttons available at the end of every blog post. We will do our best to keep track of feedback and get back to people where we can.