Why Team Training Is A Key Value For TR

We’ve always been passionate about team growth and professional development here at TR. Now that we have an ever-growing team, it’s even more important to place the emphasis back on training to make sure we all have equally nuanced understandings of the work we deliver and the context in which we operate in.

But what exactly does training look like within the TR team? Let’s dive in!

Training Sessions At TR

We usually run training on Fridays here at TR, where we welcome a mix of external guests and internal team members to run sessions on a range of topics from cultural awareness to archaeological methodologies. We’ve had prominent guests from both industry and community, who have delivered presentations on industry operations, cultural awareness trainings and discussions around key dates like Reconciliation Week.

Our team members, on the other hand, run sessions more tailored to our day to day work here at TR, ranging from deep dives into heritage legislation to workshops on assessing sites of cultural significance. While most of us are used to being out and about in the field, these training sessions give us all the chance to reconnect in the office and further our knowledge in a range of aspects in heritage management.

External Workshops

While we host a lot of training sessions and workshops at the TR headquarters, we also encourage our team to attend industry events that delve into a range of important topics across archaeology, anthropology and environmental management.

Back in Archaeology Week in May, a few team members attended a forum on Women in Fieldwork run by the Association of Australian Consulting Archaeologists (AACAI). Providing great insight into the gendered nature of our industry, the team members relayed these insights and prompted an open discussion of how we approach gender in fieldwork. This, importantly, included a conversation about how our male archaeologists can support our female team members, acknowledging that we work in a very gendered space.

Why Training Is Important

For everyone here in the TR team, these trainings and workshops are essential in keeping in line with our values. Not only does it facilitate further growth for our team, making it easier for them to produce great work for our clients and community, it also keeps us all on the same page when it comes to our values and our standards of work.

Finally, it helps us get back to the basics of anthropology, archaeology and environmental management, reminding us all why we ventured into careers in heritage management and how we can maintain the quality of work required by the TR team.

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