Scott - Managing Director

Director’s Update – May 2015

Five months into 2015, and our new chapter as Terra Rosa Consulting continues.

As the founder and Director of Terra Rosa Consulting (previously Terra Rosa Cultural Resource Management) I would like to personally update our stakeholders on changes earlier this year and plans for the rest of 2015 and beyond.

Despite the change in name, Terra Rosa Consulting is still driven by the same ethos of offering high quality, transparent consultancy services to communities, industry and government. New faces and new initiatives have necessitated a change in focus for the company with our services diversifying and expanding.

I would like to introduce some of our new and key consultants who have fantastic plans and goals in place for the rest of this year.

Darren Graham, a very experienced environmental consultant and manager has joined us to advance some of our community programs. Darren is taking forward the platform of community engagement in the heritage, culture and arts that we delivered last year.

Frida Blom, one of our senior Anthropologists and our Engagement Manager is busy continuing to maximise some of our existing and unique opportunities to help Aboriginal groups facilitate their own management of culture and country. This is progressing through facilitation of projects such as the Nyimili project.

Michael Watts, our Business Infrastructure Manager has continued to develop digital heritage management solutions for Traditional Owner groups. This year Michael will be further developing our Cultural Awareness Training support packages, including our online portal solution.

Glenn Chisholm, our GIS specialist is developing an interactive tour packages capable of providing a virtual experience of country. The first few months of 2015 have seen two cultural mapping projects come to life in the digital space.

Lucy Chisholm, our communities manager will be working closely with her team to implement a range of activities, including continuing the development of the Nullagine arts collective and the Badimia Lands Aboriginal Corporation Granites project.

As always our heritage department ran by Jade O’Brien is continuing to deliver high quality programs and advice, and we have continued to proactively engage with the reforms to the heritage industry.

To find out more about our talented consultants follow the link to our team profiles.

My own focus into 2015 will be on maximising the potential of some of the foundations that we helped establish in 2014 under the National Trust of Australia (WA). Last year was a huge year for the Budadee and Gamburlarna Foundations and 2015 has already seen a range of exciting programs developed for both foundations.

Whilst there was a lot of public awareness last year regarding the existing environment within the heritage industry, (with articles such as Heritage Rort appearing in the West Australian) we can assure you all that we have been part of this reform process to continue to deliver services that provide quality, value for money, and are suited to your needs. We definitely encourage anyone concerned about entering into heritage surveys and management to start a conversation with us.

As a multifaceted and committed group, Terra Rosa Consulting has positioned itself to offer holistic approvals, land management and community development services. We aim for partnerships with our stakeholders to develop and enhance programs and that deliver tangible results.
I look forward to providing further updates in regards to our exciting activities.
Wishing everyone the best for the rest of 2015 – I hope it’s a corker!