Professional Anthropology Services

At the centre of successful business and a productive society is a deep understanding of people and culture. Organisations can benefit from analysis and evaluation based on an ethnographic approach that uses social and qualitative research methods. At Terra Rosa Consulting, our team of professional anthropologists are able to assist your varied business needs through a range of services.

Consulting Services

  • Ethnographic market research;
  • Analysing customers to better target unrealised needs;
  • Deepening an understanding of the customer;
  • Qualitative research involving interviews, focus groups and archival ⁄ internet research.


In additional to our consulting services, our team of professionals can also provide a range of copywriting services:

  • Academic writing – articles, reports, marketing materials;
  • Creative writing – blogs, articles, creative marketing, ghost writing;
  • Proofreading and editing.


  • Web and graphic design
  • High quality film ⁄ sound recording
  • Photography ⁄ panoramic tour imagery
  • Terrestrial laser 3D scanning
  • Presentations – Prezi and Powerpoint

How do we work?

Contact us via phone or email to discuss the scope of your job, or arrange a time to meet and discuss the requirements of your project. Once we have reviewed the scope of the job, we will provide a brief proposal and budget estimate for your consideration. Pricing can be negotiated based on the scope of your project.