It’s Indigenous Business Month This October!

With 2021 marking Indigenous Business Month’s 7th year, this annual celebration occurring in October is driven by Melbourne Business School’s MURRA Indigenous Business Masterclass program’s alumni. 

Focusing on providing positive role models for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people along with increasing self- determination and improving quality of life. Indigenous Business Month aims to show young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people the opportunities that exist for them as they grow up. Demonstrating how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business can be linked to community growth and individual aspiration development. 

With this year’s focus centering around ‘Powering The Economy’ the aim is to emphasise the power of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander run economy in Australia, and how this sector and its allies need to come together to promote and integrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ business contributions into everyone’s conversations and ventures. 

We’re thrilled to share some of our business partners and suppliers 

Aboriginal Land Services 

Aboriginal Land Services (ALS) is a majority Aboriginal-owned consultancy that specialises in Aboriginal Cultural Heritage, environmental management, community engagement, capacity building and accredited training.

Led by Bill Bennell, proud Ballardong-Whadjuk Nyungar man from Bunbury in the south west of WA, the ALS Team is committed to ‘meeting the environmental and cultural heritage needs of today without compromising those of tomorrow.’ As they implement a range of exciting projects across Australia to enhance our priceless cultural landscapes. 

In a joint venture between Kooyar Wongi and TR, ALS assists Government, the private sector and not-for-profits to build their cultural competency and governance, and to consider their operations from a cultural landscape perspective. The ALS Team also work in partnership with Traditional Owners across Australia to build local capacity in the environmental and heritage management sectors. 

Find out more about ALS’ work here.

Coongan: Cultural Heritage Management

We’re proud to partner with Coongan, an Nyiyaparli owned business who create opportunities for Traditional Owners to work and train on their traditional Country. 

Owned by Nyiyaparli man, Bradley Hall, who is passionate about increasing employment of Nyiyaparli people, Coongan specialise in community driven programs, cultural awareness training, environmental management, and cultural heritage advisory services. 

Coongan’s tailored Cultural Awareness Training is a great asset for businesses working on Nyiyaparli country. 

Also offering a Certificate III in Aboriginal Sites Work and Cert III in Conservation and Land Management, Coongan trains Nyiyaparli people on Country to develop and recognise their technical skills, and strengthen their knowledge of Country. 

Coongan is passionate about continuing to increase their team by employing more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to work together on meaningful and educational roles. Find out more here.

Sista Girl Sign & Print

TR uses WA based business, Sista Girl Sign & Print for our printing and when designing our company car wraps.

With a company focus on positively impacting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ lives through job opportunities, community connection and support, Sista Girl is a growing business that produces high quality products and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community engagement. 

Co-founder and director Raquel Todd is a proud Aboriginal woman passionate about empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in particular with three vital company pillars focusing on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement: 

  • Connecting through the workforce, 
  • Supply chain and;
  • Community.

Sista Girl Sign & Print ensures there are opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people throughout their whole business from start to finish. You can learn more about Sista Girl Sign & Print here. 

Australian Indigenous Coffee

Australian Indigenous Coffee fuels the office here at TR.

Taking $1 per kilo of coffee sold to invest in their own Aboriginal Future’s Programs, Australian Indigenous Coffee states that providing for future generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is their way of connecting and giving back to their communities. With a passion to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to break down exclusion barriers and share their stories, they aim to help First Nation peoples realise their full potential. Partnering with Clontarf, Australian Indigenous Coffee also provides young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with free barista training so they can explore employment opportunities in the hospitality industry. 

Named the leading Australian Indigenous coffee company, Australian Indigenous Coffee has an established range of cliente (including TR); supplying and servicing remote mining, corporate office and cafe customers. Selling coffee machines along with their supplies and accessories as well as coffee bean blends, Australian Indigenous Coffee provides a full service experience. And the TR team can confirm the coffee is delicious! 

Read more about Australian Indigenous Coffee’s offerings and story here.

We are proud to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses leading the way in creating employment and opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Find out more about Indigenous Business Month here. 

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