TR Turns 11!

Way back in 2010, Scott had an idea for a heritage consultancy that would make a real difference to the local communities in which they operated.

11 years later, Terra Rosa is an ever-growing consultancy with over 60 team members across two states in Australia, working in partnership with our local communities and helping facilitate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in achieving their own self-determination.

But how did we get from Scott’s idea back in 2010 to where we are today? Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see how far we’ve come.

How It Started

When TR was founded in 2010, we were mainly working with mining companies to help connect community interests and industry needs. For the first few years, this worked out a dream for the team, focusing on winning big contracts in and around WA to help facilitate further growth for TR.

Toward the end of 2012, we signed off on one of our largest contracts for a rail and mine deal in the Pilbara, securing a third of our revenue for the next year in that single deal. This left us going into the Christmas break confident, relaxed and sure of our place in the industry for at least the next twelve months.

But, as it always does when things are going a little too effortlessly, we hit a roadblock with the mining downturn of 2013/14. In January of 2013, the whole project went up in the air and by the following month, the contract was pulled.

When reflecting on the mining downturn and the challenges it brought with it for the next few years, it’s made us into the consultancy we are today.

This is because, instead of putting all of our eggs into the mining industry’s basket, we had to rapidly diversify our client base to not only get us through the mining downturn, but to make sure the struggles we experienced throughout that time wouldn’t happen again. Even beyond our client base, without this setback, we wouldn’t have been nearly as equipped as we were to deal with the challenges presented by COVID-19.

How It’s Going

The past 5-6 years has seen TR diversify in our range of work and the cultural heritage services we offer. Importantly, TR have invested in and collaborated on community based programs including cultural signages, arts and trainee programs. Within this time, we’ve worked with a wealth of Traditional Owner Groups and organisations, including the Palyku Traditional Owners to develop the Palyku Ranger Program, which is now the most successful ranger program in the Pilbara. With numerous graduates coming out of the program every year, this creates sustainable working opportunities for the local community and builds self-sufficiency for the program.

The work we do now is more reflective of our values as a business, as a team and as a part of the local communities we serve, working in true partnership with our stakeholders to help achieve the best outcomes for them and their communities.

But we wouldn’t have been able to get where we are today without the people who have helped us along the way.

The TR team have been essential in driving and maintaining this new focus for the business, with each and every one of them committed to creating positive change in not only the heritage space, but also the local communities we operate in.

With a rapidly growing team of now over 60 heritage consultants across our Fremantle and newly established Adelaide offices, we’re able to carry out our heritage work to benefit more communities around Australia.

So, here’s to 11 years at TR. We’re looking forward to what’s to come!

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