Nyimili Interactive Journey Launch

Today we are excited to announce the launch of the Nyimili Interactive Journey website. Terra Rosa and the members of the Yinhawangka community have been working co-operatively on the Nyimili Project since 2014. A significant milestone in the project, the website explores the significance and history of the Nyimili Range through information captured on the […]

Nyimili 2015 and Into the Future

One of the most exciting community projects undertaken in 2015 was the Nyimili Project (Stage 2). The Nyimili Project was instigated as a result of the Yinhawangka Community expressing their concern about the potential impact of mining and development on Nyimili and the associated range. Nyimili is considered to be of outstanding cultural significance to […]

The adventures at Nyimili continues

If there is one thing we know by now it’s that the more time we spend on the Nyimili range, the more spectacular it proves to be! Following on from findings such as ochre paintings, engravings and wooden artefacts the team went on to identify numerous more scarred trees and rockshelters with cultural materials in […]

Basket Weaving at the Irrungadji Community

Terra Rosa CRM feels very privileged to launch our next unique community project! The Nullagine Development Project, in partnership with the Irrungadji Aboriginal Community, Budadee Foundation and the Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation (who manage the Remote Jobs Communities Program (RJCP) for Irrungadji) commenced its first stage of the project during a Basket Weaving Workshop last week! [...]

Gamburlarna Project

Terra Rosa CRM is extremely proud to announce the launch of the Gamburlarna Project, a three year community development program run by and for Wirlu-murra Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation (WMYAC). As featured on GWN7 here. The project began with a cultural mapping exercise to document and harness Yindjibarndi traditional knowledge, which will guide a range of […]

Yinhawangka Cultural Sharing

Terra Rosa CRM is very proud and excited to be involved in a number of unique and inspirational community projects across Western Australia. A recent community project which was facilitated by Terra Rosa CRM took place at the cultural treasure of Nyimili. Nyimili is a highly culturally significant hill in the Pilbara that lies within [...]
Renowned artist Amy French with another masterpiece

Return to Country Exhibition

Excited is an understatement to describe how the Irrungadji community members were to exhibit their art at the Return to Country exhibition facilitated by Terra Rosa CRM in early July.  Since going out on country to start the project in May, they had now completed even more artwork and were keen to exhibit these. It [...]

The Irrungadji Women’s Project

By Nell Taylor, Anthropologist at Terra Rosa CRM It’s amazing how an understanding of aesthetics, colour and artistic expression comes so naturally to Indigenous Australians, young and old. When many non-Indigenous people sit down with a paint brush and blank canvas, they may worry about technical design and accuracy. The interpretative and the fluid are [...]